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BIO.NRW congratulates: NUMAFERM wins Start Me Up! award!

Düsseldorf based biotech startup NUMAFERM wins BILANZ start up competition „Start Me Up!“ and receives 100.000 Euros. Jury-head, serial-entreapreneur and Silicon-Valley investor Andy Bechtolsheim about the decision: „Three aspects are important for venture capitalists: firstly, the team, secondly, the technology and thirdly, the potential market success. All three factors are important but most important is the potential market success. Numaferm can accellerate the pipeline of more than 600 drug candidates with their „biomade peptides“. Those „bio-peptides“ are not only cheaper than today’s methods but also more eco-friendly. I hope that the company can laverage this to a big success.“

The capital demand of a biotech enterprise is huge. The price will be used to further increase market visibility. NUMAFERM CEO Schwarz: „We feel very honoured as young company and we would like to express our gratitude to everyone involved.“

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