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NUMAFERM closes licensing agreement with PEPDesign

The Düsseldorf-based NUMAFERM GmbH has signed a licensing agreement for its unique manufacturing process for peptides with PEPDesign SIA. NUMAFERM’s technology platform will be applied to the production of diabetes and obesity drugs. Under the terms of the agreement, PEPDesign will continue to drive production of the diabetes drug liraglutide in the direction of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for production and market launch. Compared to current peptide production processes, the NUMAFERM biotechnological manufacturing process is cost-effective and yields a superior product purity. The shared objective of the collaboration is to identify a suitable partner for commercialization of the manufactured drug. Sales of liraglutide currently amount to eight billion USD, making it one of the highest-selling diabetes drugs worldwide. Liraglutide’s patent protection will expire in August 2022. Financial details of the collaboration were not disclosed.

Download the full press release here.