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Europe celebrates the most popular Biotech Week ever

20 September 2019, Brussels – The 7th edition of the European Biotech Week, starting on Monday the 23rd September, is set to break new records with over 140 events taking place across Europe. For the first time, the European Biotech Week will be present in countries like Latvia, and even Malta with events on marine biotechnology, among others. EuropaBio’s National Association Members, together with local communities, companies, academia and government institutions are hosting events in 18 countries in total to celebrate the numerous benefits of biotech to date and to explore its future potential for delivering solutions for both people and planet. Initiatives vary from scientific conferences to recreational activities and exhibitions. In addition, a number of hands-on laboratories and open-door days have been organised to satisfy the curiosity of younger participants. This year EuropaBio has also launched a new #BiotechFan film creation competition, to enable students to share their passion for biotech. In Brussels, a kick-off lunch will be hosted on Monday in addition to several events throughout the week on topics ranging from investment in healthcare biotech to genome editing, the new frontier of biotech innovation, to name but a few. Commenting on the European Biotech Week EuropaBio Secretary General, Joanna Dupont-Inglis highlighted: “We have so much progress to celebrate when it comes to biotech. Once a year, the European Biotech Week provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come and to discuss how biotech can help us ensure longer, healthier and more sustainable lives for future generations.’’ To learn more about activities taking place near you visit

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