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CIC2018 – CLIB’s biggest conference yet!

With over 180 registered participants, the CIC2018 was CLIB’s biggest conference to date. Keynote presentations by H. Schwager (Evonik), G. Michael (Synvina) and B. Pettersen (most recently Capricorn) set the tone, calling for innovative solutions, new, also digital, technologies, and support for investing in bioeconomy.
The first day was dedicated to megatrends in the bioeconomy: Digitisation and Bioeconomy 4.0, as well as Electrifying Bioprocesses. An evening panel discussion had experts debating whether sustainability was a driver for the bioeconomy. Especially the view on a green premium split the panel. Are consumers really willing to pay more for sustainability?
The second day of the CIC was headlined Biotech Benefits. In line with the NRW-funded “Biotech concepts for high performance ingredients, HiPerIn” project, the presentations focused on biotechnological solutions in the areas of feed, flavours & fragrances, and smart coatings and insulations.
Spontaneous team-building and networking was forced on the participants at the end of the conference: a storm had led to severe disruptions in public transit in Düsseldorf and across Germany. While CLIB staff played taxi to get stranded guests to the airport and nearby cities, other participants spontaneously organised themselves in car pools.