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BIO.NRW congratulates: LenioBio Won Prestigious Horizon 2020 SME/2 Grant

DUSSELDORF, Germany, August 22, 2019 – LenioBio GmbH today announced that the company has been awarded a grant of €2.37 million to accelerate the scale-up of its proprietary protein expression platform ALiCE®.

Today’s drug development process is cumbersome and expensive. On average, the time from discovery of a new protein drug to market introduction spans 12 – 14 years and exceeds €2B. In all four phases of drug development – drug discovery, pre-clinical studies, clinical trials and commercial production – there are inefficiencies that together constitute the problem. The ALiCE® platform will address these inefficiencies and thereby cutting the drug-to-market timelines by several years. The impact of our platform technology has been recognized by the Horizon 2020 EU funding body, which awarded LenioBio the funds to accelerate the development and implementation of these much-needed solutions.

Remberto Martis, Ph.D., CEO of LenioBio, explained: “Our solution is the first eukaryotic cell-free platform, scalable according to customer’s need. Simplified, ALiCE® is the concentrated protein machinery of the cell. Currently, we concentrate the protein machinery of the cell in mL ALiCE solution and offer it as Expression kits to our customer. The Horizon funding will speed up the platform development to 100L scale to service the need of the market. Thus, our solutions for the drug development process are fast, scalable and very cost-effective.”

Ricarda Finnern, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at LenioBio concluded: “With our ALiCE® platform we have expressed proteins not expressible in an economical way in other platforms, as well as other proteins that were so far not expressible at all. This allows for viable protein drug candidates to be discovered faster, as well as enabling attractive candidates to be moved into clinical trials faster. With the Horizon funding, our R&D team can now accelerate the scaling and yield increase of the ALiCE® platform to deliver large scale quantities of proteins for therapeutic use. Furthermore, the linear scaling of the cell-free ALiCE® platform to production quantities takes only months, instead of years in the cases of the cell-based platform. The overall effect of these advantages of ALiCE® will be a reduction in the long timelines of protein drug development.”

About LenioBio:

LenioBio GmbH is a protein expression platform company committed to the advancement of transformative technology for the discovery, development, and large-scale production of proteins, unconstrained by the limitations of the cell.
LenioBio was established as a legal entity in Germany in September 2016, with offices in Dusseldorf and R&D and production labs in Aachen. For more information about LenioBio, please visit our website at

About Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 EU funding supports Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) with breakthrough innovation projects and a market-creating potential. The highly competitive fund is only offered to SMEs, which fall under the European Innovation Council’s (EIC) SME definition. The fund is part of the Horizon 2020 work program 2018-2020, funding high-potential innovations in the EU. The fund offers Europe’s brightest and boldest innovators the funding for breakthrough ideas with the potential to create entirely new markets or revolutionize existing ones.


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