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Aachen-based Startup Company Protembis Successfully Closes $10 Million Series A Financing

The Managing Directors and founders of Protembis GmbH, Karl von Mangoldt and Conrad Rasmus, have successfully closed a Series A financing round in a structured process.

Protembis develops a novel cerebral protection system that is designed to minimize the risk of stroke and other neurological injury, particularly during transcatheter aortic valve implantations (TAVI). The ProtEmbo is a catheter-based filter system that is advanced intuitively, safely and quickly via the radial artery of the left arm before the start of a TAVI and removed again at the end of the procedure in order to prevent the migration of particles to the brain. “Patient safety should always be our top priority” says Dr. Thorsten Siess, CTO at Abiomed. “We see great potential in Protembis’ technology to make TAVI neurologically safer and thus enable TAVI to be used in an even larger patient population“.

The initial safety, feasibility and effectiveness of the ProtEmbo has already been demonstrated in a first-in-human clinical study. The new funding will enable Protembis to bring its cerebral protection technology to market maturity.

For more details please find here the full press release.