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HERA Invest – a €100 million top-up to the InvestEU programme dedicated to serious cross-border health threats

HERA announced the creation of HERA Invest, a €100 million top-up to the InvestEU programme, to support research and development (R&D) in the most pressing cross-border health threats, financed by the EU4Health programme. 

Currently, European companies find it difficult to access sufficient public and private funding for the development and scaling up of cutting-edge solutions in health and life sciences. Innovation is needed to respond to priority health threats such as pathogens with high pandemic potential or resistance to antibiotics. 

In this context, the HERA Invest funding instrument is geared towards small and mid-sized companies (SMEs) that develop medical countermeasures addressing one of the following priority health threats:

    • Pathogens with pandemic or epidemic potential
    • Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats originating from accidental or deliberate release
    • Antimicrobial resistance

Under HERA Invest, the European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide venture loans, covering a maximum of 50% of total project costs. There is a rolling application process under which the EIB will assess whether an operation is eligible based on defined criteria and on the project’s commercial and scientific viability.


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