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Why a biotechnology network in NRW?

North Rhine-Westphalia is located in the center of Europe and is the most populated and one of the most densely populated federal states of Germany. The Rhine-Ruhr region is the most important conurbation with more than 10 million inhabitants. The cluster policy of the State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia stimulates the cooperation between companies, research institutes, and the state sector along value-added chains in the most important fields of industry and technology.


Of the total revenue generated by German biotechnology companies, 10.8% is generated here by 118 core biotechnology companies with more than 5,780 employees. Additionally, no region in Europe applies for more patents in the field of biotechnology than NRW.


Over 500 life science companies, of which 118 companies with a designated focus on biotechnology, highlight the state’s reputation as a leading European center of innovation.


NRW has the highest density of scientific and first-class research institutes in Germany. The scientific landscape of NRW in the area of biotechnology is shaped by 56 universities and non-university research institutes.



Many technology and start-up centers exist in NRW, some of them with different focuses. Currently, a total of 155 biotech and life science companies are located in 22 of them. These technology centers primarily serve as incubators for start-up companies, helping to establish contacts with universities, companies, and investors.


BIO.NRW strengthens the position
of Biotechnology in NRW


BIO.NRW is the catalyst for the sustainable development of the strengths of North Rhine-Westphalian biotechnology and bioeconomy from one central point.
The following core aspects make up BIO.NRW:

Effective Network for Scientists, Founders and Entrepreneurs

Central Platform for Life Science Topics

Supporting Students and Young Talents


Assisting Start-Ups and SMEs in Terms of Financing and Internationalization


BIO.NRW is supported by the ministry of economic affairs, industry, climate action and energy of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia (MWIKE).

Thematic fields

describes knowledge-based production
and usage of renewable resources
for products, processes, and services.

is based on the use of
biological and biochemical
methods for industrial production processes.

is used to develop solutions
for medical problems from
diagnostics up to therapy.

Structure of BIO.NRW


The network Biotechnology North Rhine-Westphalia, BIO.NRW, consists of three central pillars:


  • The office BIO.NRW is operated by the research center Jülich (FZJ) commissioned by the ministry of economic affairs, industry, climate action and energy of the federal state of NRW (MWIKE). BIO.NRW The Home of Biotech is not an association with members.
  • BIO Clustermanagement NRW GmbH can implement various services that serve the primary interest and task areas of the network thanks to its legal status. As such, it is the economically active part of the network and contributes to the financing of selected activities and events of BIO.NRW the Home of Biotech
  • The Förderverein Biotechnologie NRW e.V. (Registered Association for the Sponsoring of Biotechnology NRW) is a non-profit organization that supports selected aspects of biotechnology in NRW, particularly focusing on the stimulation of young talent. The association uses projects to compensate for the lack of graduates in the STEM subjects related to life sciences.