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evoxx technologies enters into strategic partnership with Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients

  • Cooperation with a leading Cosmetic Ingredients company for enzyme development and manufacturing
  • Strengthening of expertise in biocatalysis in developing cosmetic ingredients

German Industrial Biotech company evoxx technologies enters into a strategic partnership with Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients. The partners intend to develop biotechnological processes for ingredients used in beauty applications. evoxx contributes its expertise in research and development as well as its global leadership in manufacturing of enzymes and probiotics. Symrise adds their knowledge and capabilities in creating innovative and sustainable cosmetic ingredients. As a result, consumers will receive beauty products addressing their wishes for effective and responsible ingredients.

Consumers today consider the ethical and environmental impact of beauty products. This has led to a general shift in consumer awareness towards choosing beauty products with full transparency. In-line with this consumer’s awareness, the demand for natural or renewablebased products is increasing. Symrise offers a wide range of cosmetic ingredients from renewable resources and based on green chemistry with a leading role in its industry.

“The partnership with evoxx technologies represents a significant and the next logical step towards our biotech platform. It helps accomplishing our strategic goal to continuously expand our portfolio of sustainable cosmetic ingredients”, says Dr. Jörn Andreas, President Cosmetic Ingredients at Symrise. “By uniting our competencies, we will jointly advance natural, and green solutions. It will accelerate the ability to address the desires of customers and consumers for high performing and yet sustainable products”, adds Dr Michael Puls, Managing Director at evoxx.

Under this partnership, Symrise will work with evoxx to co-develop processes and ingredients for all customers that aim to integrate clean and safe alternatives into their cosmetic formulas. The collaboration aims at combining the proven expertise of evoxx and Symrise. evoxx is specialized in the development and production of industrial enzymes and biocatalytic processes. Symrise owns a longstanding track record of discovering and launching novel ingredients in Personal Care and beyond. Ultimately, both partners want to serve the market with powerful solutions featuring a better environmental performance than conventional ingredients with similar performance traits.

You can find the complete press release here.