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„Bioökonomie International 2021“– The 8th round is open!

„Bioökonomie International 2021“
 Aim of the program

The collaborative projects should relate to at least one of the research funding components mentioned in the strategy:

  1. biological knowledge as the key to the bio-economy (microorganisms, algae, fungi, bacteria, plants; insects etc.);
  2. converging technologies and cross-disciplinary collaboration (digitalization, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, automation, miniaturization, etc.);
  3. potentials and limits of the bio-economy;
  4. transfer to applications (value chains, etc.)
  5. bioeconomy and society (interactions, conflicting goals, etc.);
  6. global research collaborations.

One focus of the call is on the topics of the module “Biological knowledge as a key to the bio-economy”. These include, among others:

  1. work on the understanding and modeling of biological systems;
  2. project outlines for research and establishment of novel production organisms for primary production and industrial production;
  3. research approaches for the development or further development of innovative biotechnological processes for biobased production systems and
  4. research activities, with the aim of sustainable production of biogenic resources.


Applicants must meet these requirements:
Eligible to apply are universities, non-university research institutions, state and federal institutions with research tasks as well as commercial companies. At the time of payment of the grant, the existence of a permanent establishment or branch office (company) or other institution serving the activities of the grant recipient (university, non-university research institution) in Germany is required.

Duration & type of funding:

  • The duration of the funding is usually up to three years.
  • The grants will be awarded as non-repayable project funding.

The following project-related expenses or costs are eligible for funding:

  • personnel;
  • investments necessary for the implementation of the project;
  • consumables;
  • business trips (only travel by the grant recipient);
  • expenses for the application for property rights;
  • awarding of contracts.


Two-step application procedure – submission deadline

19.03.2021 13:00 Uhr CET.

More information can be found here

You can submit your application here.