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Second image film on North Rhine-Westphalia as a biotechnology location and BIO.NRW

In the dazzling world of start-ups, life is like a concert and you’re the organizer: investors vie on the violin, mentors sing “Unstoppable” a cappella, and incubators simply jostle entrepreneurs into the hall of fame. Not to mention the luminaries embodied by universities, research centres, and governments, who patiently wait their turn in very long queues to request an audience.

If this is what you think, then you should probably steer clear of creating a start-up and launching it into the world. Founding an enterprise is hard work, and things fluctuate chaotically from euphoria to frustration, failure to fighting back, and sometimes even tilting at windmills. But when things work and the idea actually proves to be an idea that the world was waiting for, then those who have braved it are overwhelmed by fame and glory and billions of gold coins.

With the second part of our image film, we want to follow this difficult and exciting road in an entertaining manner and to show that start-ups are not left out in the rain to fend for themselves, but that there is an ecosystem in North Rhine-Westphalia with players and partners who are on the look-out for innovations and are there to help, support, and invest.




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