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DNTOX receives €1.4 million seed funding for non-animal testing of chemicals

Press release June, 14 2023

  • The life science startup enables non-animal testing of chemicals for neurotoxicity.
  • DNTOX receives €1.4 million from High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), private investors Barbara Korte-Sturm and Nikolaus Sturm, Bool Capital, and AQAL Capital.
  • The new capital will be used to set up the test laboratories in Düsseldorf, aim for GLP accreditation and launch the test battery on the market.

The Düsseldorf-based company has developed a test system based on human cells that maps important processes in human brain development and thus enables the testing of chemicals without the need for animal experiments. DNTOX’s system, consisting of a battery of individual tests combined with proprietary readout and evaluation algorithms, provides a suitable solution that enables cheaper, faster and ethically safe testing for customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Dr. Caroline Fichtner, Principal at HTGF, says: “It is high time to establish meaningful and economically viable methods to replace animal testing. In our view, the DNTOX test battery is one such method and we are very confident that chemicals will no longer be tested in animals for their potential neurotoxicity in the future. In addition, we are excited by the enthusiasm and will of the entire DNTOX team to bring this method to market.”

More information you can find here.