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Cologne’s university medicine to coordinate EU vaccine research network VACCELERATE

New consortium of research institutions will coordinate vaccine trials in the European Union / The long-term goal is to strategically plan and carry out vaccine trials in all EU and EU-associated countries

The European Union is funding the establishment of the new vaccine research network VACCELERATE with a total of 12 million euros for three years. So far, 26 partner institutions from 21 European countries are involved in the network. The consortium is headed by the infectiologist Professor Dr. Oliver Cornely at the University of Cologne and Cologne University Hospital.

Vaccine-induced immunity against SARS-CoV-2 is considered the most promising solution to combat the pandemic. To build long-term herd immunity in Europe, as many people as possible need to be vaccinated. There is a high demand for vaccine trials since there are still many questions regarding, among other things, safety, efficacy, and the adaptation of vaccines in the face of virus mutations. This research will be coordinated through the newly established pan-European research network VACCELERATE. The platform will plan and conduct clinical trials and act as a single point of contact for all stakeholders – from health authorities to pharmaceutical vaccine developers.

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Picture Source: Dorothea Hensen_MedizinFotoKöln