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BIO.NRW establishes the new focus area

In recent years, issues such as climate change, finite resources and a growing world population have increasingly become the focus of society and politics. To meet the challenges of our time, innovative approaches are needed to ensure a more sustainable, resource-conserving economy that benefits everyone equally.

One comprehensive approach to addressing these challenges is the bioeconomy. Through biological knowledge, coupled with technological solutions, the bioeconomy produces innovations that have the potential to establish new products and processes. In this way, resources can be conserved and prosperity created at the same time. In many cases, but not exclusively, the bioeconomy uses biotechnological tools in its processes.

BIO.NRW, as a network for biotechnology, has been active in the field of red and industrial biotechnology for more than 10 years. Innovations from biotechnology are becoming faster and more disruptive, and so is the bioeconomy also making increasing use of biotechnological approaches. As a result of an extended mandate from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the thematic area of bioeconomy has been included in the activities of BIO.NRW under the new label

Similar to the BIO.NRW focus in pharmaceutical biotechnology, is intended to establish itself as a thematic focus and contact point for bioeconomy players from biotechnology in NRW. It is well known that NRW, in particular, is facing major changes as a result of the coal phase-out and the ensuing structural change, which at the same time offer the opportunity to lead the state and the region to sustainable and circular value creation through innovations from the bioeconomy and biotechnology.

The new focus is framed by a dedicated section on the BIO.NRW homepage. Likewise, many other events and activities will be organized under the new focus area. This year, will deal with e.g. bio compounds, digitalization in biotechnology and other exciting topics.

We look forward to your active participation in the new focus area and hope to provide you with interesting and helpful formats and events with this focus.