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Bio-Gründer Wettbewerb 2024 – REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS WANTED!

The Bio-Gründer Wettbewerb of the Kompetenzzentrum Bio-Security offers space for innovative ideas. Every year, the Kompetenzzentrum Bio-Security organizes a competition for start-ups and young entrepreneurs from the agricultural and food industry, biotechnology and biochemistry or related sectors.

The competition focuses on the following bioeconomic issues:

• How can food and resource security be ensured for a growing world population while protecting the climate, environment and biodiversity?
• How can ecology and economy be combined, and the accompanying opportunities and challenges allocated in an even way?
• How can our economic system be transformed so that it is sustainable and secures future prosperity?
• How can bioeconomy contribute as quickly and effectively as possible to the fulfilment of the international climate protection goals of the Paris Agreement?

All you need is to submit a description of the innovation/idea in a length up to six pages, which will be assessed by a panel of experts.

The timeline at a glance
Starting date: 1 March 2024
Application deadline: 30 June 2024
Award ceremony: 11 September 2024 at the Bio-Security Competence Centre, Siemensstraße 42, 59199 Bönen Start: 15:00. After the award ceremony, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and make valuable contacts at the subsequent networking event in a relaxed atmosphere at the Oktoberfest.

Take the opportunity to submit your revolutionary ideas and benefit from valuable feedback from experts and industry specialists.
Prizes for the first three places:
1st place: €2,000 + non-cash prizes up to €2,000
2nd place: €1,000 + non-cash prizes up to €1,000
3rd place: €500 + non-cash prizes up to €500

Prizes include:
– Special coaching for start-up teams
– Presentation opportunities in front of business angels
– Access to an extensive network and co-operation partners

Feedback from specialized reviewers and industry experts:
– Every fully submitted application receives a written expert opinion on its idea outline.

How to apply:
Simply register via the homepage and receive your competition documents immediately by e-mail:

Dr Oliver Bonkamp
Competence Centre Bio-Security,
Siemensstraße 42,
59199 Bönen

Tel: 02383 919-0