BIG Cluster


BioInnovation Growth mega-Cluster

• Cross-border initiative
• Biobased and circular economy
• Transformation of the chemical industry

The BIG-Cluster initiative is a joint undertaking of 10 clusters and networks in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Netherlands and Flanders in Belgium started in 2013. The trilateral region is Europe’s largest chemical cluster and BIG-Cluster aims at promoting and supporting the transformation of the region into the globally leading region in bio-based and circular economy. Therefore, BIG-Cluster networks stakeholders, promotes consortia forming and improves framework conditions for the bio-based economy.

BIG-Cluster has defined important topics to focus on. These are the flagship topics “aromatics and fine chemicals from woody biomass”, “chemicals from CO and CO2”, and “alternative fuels from various feedstocks” and the cross-cutting topics “bioeconomy education”, “closing the loop”, and digitalization”.